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Pequot Lakes High School Site Improvement Plan 2017-2018


Pequot Lakes High School

From the Principal 

Pequot Lakes High School serves more than 500 students in 
grades 9-12 from Pequot Lakes, Jenkins, Breezy Point, Crosslake, Nisswa, and the surrounding community. Learning and teaching is focused on preparing each student for post-secondary success through it’s core course offerings and Ramp Up to Readiness advisory program.
College and career readiness continues as students enter high school. Ninth grade students may choose regular or honors level core courses. There are numerous elective course options including traditional and digital art, business and marketing education, family and consumer science, industrial technology, vocal and instrumental music, courses in Project Lead the Way and STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math), and world languages. All students participate in an advisory program called Ramp Up to Readiness that incorporates post-secondary preparation and exploration, goal setting, and developing necessary academic, career and life skills. In addition, our ninth grade and new students are supported through our LINK Crew Mentor program, providing a sense of support and 
connection throughout the school year from our top seniors to our incoming freshman.

As students continue their academic careers in grades ten through twelve, academic opportunities are numerous. Students may select from a variety of academic choices including regular, and honors level, and/or College in the Schools (CIS) programs of study.  In fact, students at Pequot Lakes High School have an opportunity earn an Associates Degree from Central Lakes Community College while simultaneously earning their high school diploma.

Students can earn college credit in the following College in the Schools Course offerings:

College Chemistry - College Biology - College Physics - College Environmental Science - College Composition I & II, College Speech, College Psychology, College World History, College Government, College Economics, College Western Civilizations, College Alegebra, College Pre-Calculus, College Calculus I & II, College Statistics, College Art, College Spanish, College American Sing Language, College PE, and College Symphonic Band.

Students may also participate in the Project Lead the Way courses where they can earn pre-engineering credits from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. In addition to the college level curriculum listed above, students are able to pursue learning in a number of elective courses including art, business, environmental science, family and consumer science, health, industrial technology, instrumental music, social sciences, Spanish, and vocal music. For those students needing additional academic support in the core academic areas, intervention courses are available in reading, math, and writing. 

As a school that is focused on learning for both students and staff, we regularly provide professional development for our faculty through professional study and weekly work in professional learning communities. Collaboration with continuous improvement coaches sustains professional 
learning throughout the year. We value continuous learning for all members of our school community - staff and students alike. 

School Highlights
  • There is a strong culture of preparing students for post-secondary success through rigorous course offerings and a comprehensive advisory program focused on post-secondary planning and goal-setting
  • Students have a variety of learning options including online and hybrid learning, independent study, PSEO, internships, as well as the traditional classroom setting
  • Our students have earned recent conference, state and national recognition in Mock Trial, Speech, Football, Basketball, Knowledge Bowl, Softball, and Golf.
  • Nearly 92% of Pequot Lakes High School’s graduating seniors plan to attend some kind of college including two-year or four-year colleges and universities, technical certification programs, or careers in the military

Priorities and Projects to improve learning and move toward our vision
This year, our school will focus on improving student learning and achievement through our work on implementing a stratified systems of interventions, ensuring all learners surpass their potential. Staff at Pequot Lakes High School will be using data to develop individualized learning objectives to ensure all learners needs are met.  

All students at Pequot Lakes will continue to develop post-secondary goals through Ramp Up to Readiness.  Ramp Up to 
Readiness is an advisory program which regularly reviews students  reviews students academic progress, improve reading skills, and learn college and career readiness skills through the Ramp Up to Readiness program affiliated with the University of Minnesota.

Finally, all staff will continue to implement technology into learning as it best fits.  Pequot Lakes High School is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus where we encourage students to bring the device that best supports their learning.  On a daily basis, students are using technology to assist in their learning.  Our entire social studies curriculum uses digital textbooks, where each classroom has sets of Chromebooks aimed at infusing technology and learning. This year technology will continue to be an integral tool to deliver instructions.

In summary, the 2015-2016 school year at Pequot Lakes High School appears to be set on a course that continues to strive to meet the individual needs of each student learner.  The rich whole child learning environment continues to be the best in the region, state and upper Midwest.